Private Facial Injection Treatments and Prices

Private 20 minute Consultation to plan treatment                            £40

(including photography - redeemable against your chosen treatment)

Botulinum toxin facial anti-wrinkle injections               1 area           £250   

                                                                                          2 areas         £30 

                                                                                          3 areas         £35

                                                                                          4 areas         £400  

Supplement for Men ( more product needed)                                 £30-50

Hyaluronic acid Facial Fillers– Juvederm® ultra        0.8ml vial      £250  

Additional 1ml vials at same appointment                                         £200

Juvederm Voluma cheek filler                                     2x1ml vials    £550


Cash or cheque payment required on the day of treatment.

If you would like to arrange an appointment please Contact Us
Please note if you need to cancel an appointment we kindly ask that you do so more than 72 hours in advance.
***** Late cancellations or non attendance will result in a fee of £20 *****